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About Us

Kenil Gengxin Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established on April 25, 2002.  Located in the west section of Dezhou Road of Kenli Town of Kenli County, our old factory belonged to the attract investment enterprise of Kenli County’s government. Now, our company mainly produces Cyclohexylamine and Dicyclohexylamine.
According to the requirement of relocation office of urban government, we relocated Kenli Gengxin Chemical factory in 2010: our old factory was stopped at the end of 2010, and we built an over 53,360sqm of life logistics park in 2011. In September 2012, we relocated the old chemical factory into province level development park which is a fine chemical industry zone of Shengtuo Town of Kenil County in Dongying city. This new factory covers an area of 93,380sqm.
Since October, 2012, we invested CNY 150 million to build the co-generation project of 40,000 t/a of N-Methyl pyrrolidone and 22,000 t/a of Cyclohexylamine in our chemical production area. The production equipments of Cyclohexylamine, Dicyclohexylamine and γ-butyrolactone have successfully been put into production by January 2014. At present, the annual outputs in the first phase are 10,000 tons of cyclohexylamine, 12,000 tons of Dicyclohexylamine, 30,000 tons of γ-butyrolactone and 40,000 tons of N-Methyl Pyrrolidone; according to our planning, the construction of second stage of N-Methyl Pyrrolidone will be finished in July 2017, and the total production capacity of N-Metnyl Pyrrolidone of our company will reach 70,000 tons per year.
Up to now, our company has accumulated 20 years of experiences in the production and management of related products; at the same time, we established extensively relations of technical exchanges with enterprises of this industry of China; we provided certain technical supports and made contributions to the development of related products in China. As the first launching company of cyclohexylamine and N-methyl pyrrolidone cogeneration project, we aim to reduce the production costs and develop related cogeneration products. Looking forward to the future, our company is willing to work with colleagues and upstream/downstream partners to make our contributions for the development of related products in China and then achieve mutual development!

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